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Pickle Ball Equipment

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Unbeatable value of pickleball paddle - Our pickleball set includes four premium pickleball paddles,six pickleballs, 4 Replacement Soft Grip & one Carrying Bag for convenient carry and storage of your pickleballs. The lightweight portable racquet allows you to swing freely on the court.Everything yo..
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【Premium Fiberglass Cute Pickleball Paddles】These pink pickleball rackets 2 pack are made of premium fiberglass face and high-density polymer honeycomb core, which makes the cute pickleball rackets lightweight, strong and durable. Pink pickleball paddles fiberglass surface provides excellent spin to..
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Model: NOcca4d76
【CARBON FIBER MATERIALS】Our paddles are built with a honeycomb polymer core and are optimally balanced to be lightweight and durable. Each paddle weighs 7.50 - 7.93 oz. The soft, comfortable grip along with a light carbon Fiber surface provides a nice bounce and reduces ball deflection, which improv..
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Model: NO489b32c
STANDARD SHAPE & GRIP SIZE: The stardard shape is the original pickdebell size to see on court and s a sutable option tor ary athlete that plays a balnnced game. Any skill level is applicable to this shape. The standard grip size is popular for feel and comfort. The standrad size is prefered by most..
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Model: NO7b2467e
Super Value Pickleball Paddle Set: ErPils Pickleball paddle set with 4 durable paddles, 4 high-performing pickleballs, 4 Cooling Towels, and 1 carrying bag. With this set, you can promote interaction with family and friends and have great fun. High Quality Pickleball Paddles: ErPils Pickleball pa..
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【Premium quality pickleball paddles】The pickleball paddles set is designed with unique fiberglass and polypropylene honeycomb core technology. Provides exceptional power and control. Polypropylene honeycomb technology reduces vibration and achieves stable speed, resulting in optimal ball strike feel..
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Model: NOae38193
1. LED Light Up Pickleball Balls. The pickleball light up with fog LED, it is MUCH Brighter than the Glow In The Dark balls, but not “blinding”. It can be seen far from 50 meters in dark! It can be played at any light conditions. Now You Can Play Pickleball Any Time You Want! Day or Night!! 2.Sta..
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Model: NO2872adb
【Premium Pickleball Paddles】Made of 9-ply quality basswood, which makes the pickleball paddle stronger and durable, providing you with a power boost for every stroke, enabling you to control your shots more powerfully which is an essential equipment for every pickleball ball sporting event.【Great fo..
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Model: NOffc78ba
【Practical Pickleball Paddle Set】This pickleball set included 4 durable paddles with ergonomic cushion grips, 4 high-performance 40 holes indoor&outdoor pickleballs, 4 comfortable cooling towels, and 1 bag for easy-carrying and storage.【Superior Quality】Made of top-grade 9-ply stronger basswood, the..
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Model: NO64fffc0
USA Pickleball Approved Rough Texture Graphite Surface for Spin & Cushioned Perforated Contour Grip Against Slipperiness [Power and Control, Perfectly Combined] Some have power, others have control - Uteeqe has both. We have worked to balance this paddle to perfection, using our proprietary polym..
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Model: NO5d0589f
【Power Boosting Material】With a polymer honeycomb core and a fiberglass finish, the Vinsguir pickleball paddle delivers sharp, powerful returns. The honeycomb core dampens vibrations, thus ensuring a clean feel on each shot. The premium quality fiberglass surface allows you to add some wicked spin t..
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Model: NO2c1764b
【6 Pink Balls & Portable Net Bag 】6 high-visibility Pink balls are a good choice for outdoor play.The Portable Net Bag holds more than 6 balls, convenient and environmentally friendly 【Official Size & Weight】A diameter of 74mm and weight of 26 grams, with 40 precisely machine drilled holes, confo..
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